Hillary cada vez mais presidente....

Retirado, com a devida vénia do, The New York Times, edição de hoje.
"Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic field with 51 percent of the vote.
She beats Barack Obama by 24 percentage points among black Democrats.
She is projected now to beat Giuliani – or at the very least to be in a statistical dead heat with him in the general election.
This wasn’t supposed to happen. According to the received wisdom of those in-the-know here in Washington, Hillary was supposed to be divisive, unelectable, “radioactive.”
(“I think the one thing we know about Hillary, the one thing we absolutely know, bottom line, [is] she can`t win, right?” is how MSNBC host Tucker Carlson once put it to New Republic editor-at-large Peter Beinart. “She is unelectable.”).
The “we” world of Tucker Carlson knew what they knew about Hillary Clinton — right up until about this week, I think — because they spend an awful lot of time talking to, socializing with and interviewing one another.
What they don’t do all that much is venture outside of a certain set of zip codes to get a feel for the way most people are actually living. They don’t sign up for adjustable rate mortgages, visit emergency rooms to get their primary health care, leave their children in unlicensed day care or lose their jobs because they have to drive their mothers home from the hospital after hip replacement surgery.
Hillary Clinton’s supporters, it turns out, do.
E é esta a grande verdade. Não há discursos políticos (que têm forçosamente de ser demagogos) que aguentem a dura realidade diária.
Vamos ver, aqui e lá fora nessa Europa perdida, quanto tempo aguenta a Europa com a flexisegurança, ou quanto tempo aguenta esta, sem se perder a noção ridícula de Europa (acaso a "flexi" não seja só um instrumento vocal político, destinado a ser sorvido pelo papel).

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